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A Sampling of our Reviews, From Real Customers.  We currently have 95 reviews, with an average of 5 stars.

I Highly Reccommend Them -- by BMax

I bought these for my 9mo who likes to pull her socks off. These are warm under pants and save me time and energy putting her socks back on. We also use them as pjs. I highly recommend them.


Undersocks are Amazing -- by Iryna Saks

Undersocks are amazing, I cannot imagine how would have been without them last winter. The best part for me is that the sock part doesnt leave marks on my baby's feet. Another thing is that the waist is very flexible and expandable. My baby slept in them all winter. I probably got more than 10 pairs of them. I love them. It's one of the few most favourite and practical things my baby has.


Great for Baby Wearing -- by MESL

I ordered two pairs of these for my 14-month-old, and after having them for a few weeks, I have ordered 4 more! They are a must-wear every day. I know he'll be in these all winter long. We "wear" him in an Ergo just about every day, and no matter how much we tug on them, all his pants and socks gap, leaving his little calf exposed to the cold. Now, with these Baby Undersocks, he's all covered up, and best of all, he can't pull his socks off (much as he tries!). The bamboo is nice and soft, and very lightweight so they fit right under his trousers, and then the socks are super cushy. Great product for little ones in cold climates.  


Fantastic -- by Teak

What an ingenious product. Works like a charm and keeps my sons toes warm at all times. He is a sock puller and he pulls socks off no more!


Perfect Solution for Cold Weather -- by TropiCarla

These are amazing for cold weather. Last year the Chicago winter was brutal, and I was beside myself trying to keep Baby Girl warm enough. The regular socks, pants, snow-pants combo just wasn't cutting it. These pants are genius. No more hunting for knee-high socks and fighting to get them on. At the daycare, the nanny raved about them and tried to get the other parents to buy them. They are the perfect bottom layer -- and look good enough to wear by themselves all-day for indoor play. 2 pairs lasted us the entire Fall through Spring, but I would have liked a couple more. Buy them!


Great for Winter Babies -- by JLC

I never write reviews, but I had to write one to support this small business and rave about the product. The fit was great, they seemed comfortable, and they kept my baby warm all winter. I love them!


They are Wonderful -- by Mary Courtney Wine

So soft and so comfy! And thicker on the feet with no slip grip.They are wonderful.


Absolutely Fills an Important Need -- by Marsha

I looked all over for tights -- not pretty, flimsy, girly tights, but something that would keep a baby, boy or girl, warm. These fit the bill. They are cozy but not too heavy, wash well, and the grips on the feet keep my toddler from slipping as he walks around the house in them. As soon as I saw how good they were, I ordered more.









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